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Biography of Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT

Fr. Santan Pinto was born in Surendranagar, in the Northern state of Gugarat on September 13th 1948. He spent his early childhood in Goa, situated on the southwestern coast of India. Old Goa is the place where the body of St. Francis Xavier lies for public veneration.

His father Ignatius died in 1957 when Fr. Pinto was only 9 years old. His Mother Annie returned to the Lord on April 5, 2007. He has only one sister, Patsy. She with her husband Angus Vaz live in Velim, Goa. After completing high school in Belgaum, he joined the Jesuits in 1966. He received a Master's degree in Social Work in 1975. He was ordained to the priesthood on April 30th 1977.

After his ordination, Fr. Pinto heard this call: "Go to America. I want you to serve there." After leaving the Jesuits in 1982, he tried for the next five years to visit America. During a Catholic charismatic conference in 1987, his mother handed him to the care of our Blessed Mother by saying: "From today onwards, I offer you to Mary. She will be your Mother."

After that day, God provided Fr. Pinto with the means to visit the USA, and on May 15, 1987, Fr. Pinto arrived in New York. Later that year, he joined the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). He went through the novitiate in 1988. Since that time, he was the formation director of the SOLT community, forming priests, seminarians, brothers, sisters and lay persons in their respective vocations. He is assisted by religious sisters and lay apostles.

The Lord called Fr. Pinto to His service as a little child. His only desire was to remain close to the Lord. It is this love of God that burns in his heart for all. Fr. Pinto worked for some time with Mother Theresa. It was Mother Theresa who taught Fr. Pinto, in 1971, to recognize Jesus in the poor. Mother Theresa once said to him: "Remember Father, that it is the humility of God that made you a priest. Now never forget that!" And his Mother often reminds him: "Be humble, kind and remember you were ordained a priest to serve the poor!"